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Xperia XZ Premiumの新色Rossoは日本以外でも発売、来週発売予定


NTTドコモから発表されたXperia XZ Premiumの新色Rossoですが、日本以外のマーケットでも発売されることがSony Mobileの公式ブログで発表されました。

If you want a splash of colour to spice up your life then you’re in luck, our award winning Xperia XZ Premium will be available in opulent red, chicly named ‘Rosso’ – and you only need to wait a week to get your hands on it.

XZ Premium Rosso is on sale next week*, please check with your local operator and retailers for availability.

Xperia XZ Premium available now in red – ‘Rosso’ - Official Sony Blog




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